• This offer is for a limited period only.
  • Once you join you are required to join to end of year, i.e. you cannot opt to join from March to Sept.
  • Offer commences on the 1st of January 2016 to December 2016, payment of €100 per month for the remaining months of the year.
  • Payment can be made upfront or via 2 installments. This offer is open to new members only.
  • GUI and insurance are not included in above payment.
  • Once payment in full is made €50 is paid onto new member’s loyalty card.
  • Members who introduce new members receive €100 on their loyalty cards once member re-joins as a full member for 2017.
  • Members who join as full members will be eligible to play 7 days a week and be eligible to vote at AGM.

Forrest Little provides a great golf experience and team golf opportunities across all handicap ranges. We are presently recruiting new members across all categories, Men and Ladies Full, 5 Day, Juniors, Juvenile boys and girls and Cadets. For a limited period only, Forrest Little has ‘NO ENTRANCE FEE’ for new members.

Call us now +353 (0)1 840 1763 for an opportunity to join this ‘hidden gem’ and experience great golf in a friendly welcoming atmosphere.

Our annual subscription fee remains hugely competitive and offers the best deal in value, golf and life style choice in North Dublin. Flexible payment options are available so please click here for an application form or should you require more information about contact Paddy in the office at +353 (0)1 840 1763.

Forrest Little has a range of membership categories to cater for young, new and experienced golfers. All prices are per annum and include subscriptions, levies and insurance.

Play 7 days a week and enjoy plenty of competitions in a variety of formats. This membership category comes with full voting rights. €1,431 includes €100 payment to loyalty card.

Play 5 days a week, Monday through Friday enjoy a variety of competitions at a reduced membership rate. €950 includes €100 payment to loyalty card, insurance and GUI membership.

Specifically designed for beginners. Play golf on Tuesdays all year round for the excellent rate of €220 (includes insurance). A comprehensive program is in place to ensure beginners are put at ease and gradually become familiar with the game and meet others who are also new to the game.

Tuesday Membership Details

  • Members can join from March 1st each year for 12 months, year 1 cost €200 plus insurance €20 – total €220.
  • Members can join for a further year for €375 (including insurance).
    Eligible to play on Tuesdays only, domestic handicap included but no GUI handicap.
  • Members must not be members of other golf clubs.

Forrest Little welcomes young golfers of all abilities and has reduced fees in all categories.

  • Cadet 7-10 years on 1st May €60, 2 cadets in one family €100, 3 cadets in one family €150.
  • Juvenile 11 – 18 years on 31st December €183
  • Junior 18 (1st Jan) – 24 years on 31st December €392
  • Intermediate 24 (1st Jan) – 26 years on 31st December €634


Our family friendly ethos is at the heart of Forrest Little and that is demonstrated in our fee structure for families (Father, Mother, Spouse/Partner) who pay two Full Membership subscriptions can avail of 75% discount for their qualified children in the categories of Cadet, Juvenile, Junior or Intermediate.

* Terms and conditions apply to these membership categories.

For those who don’t want to play golf but want to enjoy the other benefits of being a member of Forrest Little and avail our our club house facilities. Annual fee is €100 which includes €50 bar/restaurant credit.